2008 Report

The third joint chief inspectors’ review of arrangements to safeguard children was led by Ofsted on behalf of the eight inspectorates involved in regulating and inspecting services for children and young people.

The review looked at arrangements for safeguarding children and young people in four key areas:

  • the effectiveness of existing safeguarding systems and frameworks
  • the wider safeguarding role of public services
  • how well vulnerable groups of children and young people are safeguarded, including asylum-seeking children, children in secure settings, looked after children and children treated by health services
  • how well the relevant agencies deal with child protection concerns.

It found that much has changed since the last report was published in 2005. There is evidence of improvements in children’s services and in outcomes for children and young people.

Every Child Matters: Change for Children, the Children Act 2004 and other initiatives have provided a much-needed impetus for change.

Most children feel safe, and are safe, in their homes and communities.

However, some children are still not being well served. These children need particular attention to make sure that they are properly safeguarded. As in 2005, this includes some children who are looked after, children who are asylum seekers and children and young people in secure settings.

The report includes recommendations for all the agencies, local authorities, Local Safeguarding Children Boards and government departments that provide services for children.

Download the full report, the summary and the young person’s guide

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