Safeguarding Children in the UK

The safeguarding of children is a highly sensitive subject and one that is discussed in depth and frequently today across a multitude of organisations and every 3 years there is a review of the arrangements put in place by these organisations from the government. These include Ofsted, Care Quality Commission and many more.

The Safeguarding of Children has been defined by the government as the process involved in protecting kids from neglect and abuse – stopping their development and health from being impaired. Also insuring that they grow up in a safe environment too which allows them opportunities to progress and develop to enter adulthood effectively.

Safeguarding children throughout their young lives is paramount to the success of a nation and needs constant focus from dedicated groups who continually monitor various processes and adapt as the years pass and society changes. In the modern world of internet of communications that are faster, clearer and easier than ever before it’s imperative that all organisations involved with this process are in contact and exchanging information, there is no room for information sharing to fail today and this can help us to avoid many situations that were previously an issue.

One particular area we have been recently looking into is protecting children from gambling online. There have been reports of children getting hooked on online gambling games such as the online slot game fluffy favourites which features soft, cuddly looking toys that take away from the seriousness of the game and money involved making for a highly addictive game. There’s no doubt that as these online games become available on places like Facebook there is a hook there that can easily snag children of all ages and get them into a mindset that gambling is ok. This will be looked at closely in future reviews and studies.

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